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Savo 575 S  for the lighter rower

The Savo 575 S is the shortened version of the successful Savo 650S and it has inherited many of its good properties from it.

Due to its shorter length the manoeuvrability of the Savo 575 S is excellent while it still tracks well in all conditions and on top of this it could just fit into your garage! Thanks to its light weight, handling the boat ashore is easy and when you want to escape your home waters, just put the boat on top of your car and you are ready to explore new waters.

The top speed of the Savo 575 S is just a little under 15 km/h (8- knots) Cruising at 8-10 km/h (4.3 -5.4 knots) means that day trips of 40 to 50 km can be easily achieved.